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Weeklong Warriors

Cleveland County North Carolina’s Economic Development Partnership is a client of Little Red Bird. LRB is a Charlotte-based advertising agency that we have done work for on and off for four years. We really enjoy working for Karen Bennetts and her creative director, Tim Paulson.

Tim created a storyboard which he pitched to the client for a video that would encompass the vibrancy of Cleveland County’s Millennial workforce. The CCEDP has the stated goal of actively recruiting new industry. To this end the organization works to promote the healthy, dynamic, diverse communities and offerings of the county.

This video is something that was proposed as and is now used as a tool to show prospective businesses that Cleveland County has a lot to offer. There’s outdoor activity and community for the young, educated workforce. There are already factories succeeding in the region. Hopefully one can watch this video and get the feeling that there are many opportunities awaiting in “Charlotte’s Backyard.”

The shoot was a four day production with five factory locations, two restaurants, a county fair with a helicopter ride, a hike up to a rocky bluff, a controlled set for the opening sequence and so on. Working off the storyboard meant that match cuts, sound effects, whoosh transitions and more had to be timed correctly and filmed exactingly.

The John Crosland School

The John Crosland School gives a leg up to children with learning differences. Located in Charlotte, NC this school serves 90+ K-12th graders. I shot and edited this landing page video on behalf of Little Red Bird, an advertising agency serving the region. JCS is a long-time client of LRB. Karen Bennetts, the owner, and general strategic operations person served as producer. It was a smooth and collaborative process. Tim Paulson, their CD, acted as a production assistant and is the graphic designer for the agency.

This video was shot over two days. We recorded three hours of interview. The transcription ended up being 88 pages. There was quite a bit of content to pick through for the best sound bites. As a result we ended up making a series of videos. The piece below is the primary video. But there are other iterations for other programs and other purposes.

Construction Start to Finish

Tyler2 Construction was building the state of the art Carolina Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center and Little Red Bird, a creative agency out of Charlotte, NC, tasked me with filming the process. This shoot involved the collection of broll during the building process. Then later the filming of interviews and broll of the completed facility. The before and after scenes worked together nicely. My friend Ron Randle, was the producer on this piece.

Children’s Literacy

As a project for Little Red Bird on behalf of their client UNCC in a joint venture with Bank of America, we produced a series of videos focusing on children’s literacy. The producer on the shoot was my friend, Ron Randle. We had a casting agency provide the talent. The scripts were created by Little Red Bird in collaboration with UNC Charlotte. These videos took three days to shoot and three days to edit. A quick turnaround. But it is often faster to assemble a piece that has a narrative than to pull a story out of a series of candid interviews.

Teacher Profiles

This was a series completed for UNC Charlotte for the agency, Little Red Bird. It showcased teachers in their first year with elementary, middle school and high school aged classrooms. It was a challenging exercise in shooting broll that shows a busy school system but no faces. This technique of creatively hiding the identity of subjects comes into play often when it is impossible to get signed releases by the parents and guardians of minors. We produced six pieces in the series. Here are the tightest three: