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Monarch Medical Tech

Monarch Medical Technology organized the first annual user group meeting in mid-October. Industry innovators afrom leading hospitals and networks shared implementation and best practices/ valuable lessons learned from using EndoTool IV and EndoTool SubQ across hospital unites and patient populations.

This conference went in depth on glucose management. Our responsibility was to make the highlight above and to film a number of patient testimonials. Additionally we also filmed a multi-part interview with Dr Patrick Burgess, the inventor of EndoTool®, the wireless, convenient algorithmic blood sugar monitoring and glucose control system .

The Road Ahead

Sting Marketing is a design firm in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was first hired by them as a graphic designer to create car dealership print ads in 2011. Since that time we have collaborated on video projects for most of their clients. In 2015 Duke Energy rolled out a new corporate “road map” for the future. It was a document meant to bring the company together under CEO Lynn Good’s direction. In the video below she outlines Duke’s purpose, vision, priorities and values.

Directing a piece of this importance for the largest electric utility in the United States was a privilege. On behalf of Sting Marketing, and overseen by producer Hendrik van Vuuren we worked closely with Duke’s creative team. The graphics were created by one of Duke’s in-house designers. They provided directions for how to animate the type. The additional footage of external locations was stock that came from the previous Duke Energy shoots. We went through at least nine iterations of this seven-minute piece before it was released to the thousands of Duke employees worldwide.

The Road Ahead document is now public and has been in effect for two years. Working with Lynn and the staff from Duke Energy went flawlessly. To have a smooth shoot day we carted all equipment into the Duke Energy Building and set up the day before. We pulled out all our tricks. A parallax slider, an eight foot jib, four camera angles and a high-quality lavalier mic pack. We could not use a boom because of how Duke creatives wanted to stage the scene. The boom would have been in the shot.

It all went better than I expected. Lynn delivered the memorized script in only two takes, with a consistent and effective delivery each time. This piece was delivered on time and represents our best efforts for one of the largest employers in the region.

Teacher Profiles

This was a series completed for UNC Charlotte for the agency, Little Red Bird. It showcased teachers in their first year with elementary, middle school and high school aged classrooms. It was a challenging exercise in shooting broll that shows a busy school system but no faces. This technique of creatively hiding the identity of subjects comes into play often when it is impossible to get signed releases by the parents and guardians of minors. We produced six pieces in the series. Here are the tightest three: