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Weeklong Warriors

Cleveland County North Carolina’s Economic Development Partnership is a client of Little Red Bird. LRB is a Charlotte-based advertising agency that we have done work for on and off for four years. We really enjoy working for Karen Bennetts and her creative director, Tim Paulson.

Tim created a storyboard which he pitched to the client for a video that would encompass the vibrancy of Cleveland County’s Millennial workforce. The CCEDP has the stated goal of actively recruiting new industry. To this end the organization works to promote the healthy, dynamic, diverse communities and offerings of the county.

This video is something that was proposed as and is now used as a tool to show prospective businesses that Cleveland County has a lot to offer. There’s outdoor activity and community for the young, educated workforce. There are already factories succeeding in the region. Hopefully one can watch this video and get the feeling that there are many opportunities awaiting in “Charlotte’s Backyard.”

The shoot was a four day production with five factory locations, two restaurants, a county fair with a helicopter ride, a hike up to a rocky bluff, a controlled set for the opening sequence and so on. Working off the storyboard meant that match cuts, sound effects, whoosh transitions and more had to be timed correctly and filmed exactingly.