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Baccarat Trophy

I enjoy shooting the trophies for tennis tournaments. I like trying different moves, shots and editing techniques that keep the pieces fresh and watchable for the viewers/fans. This year I tried three new things. In addition to using a MoVi M5 gimbal to capture a pushing in shot, we tried in-camera light leaks using a prism. I would wave the prism in front of an 85mm f/1.2 lens. This creating transition points and ideally a classy bit of visual interest. To get the mountains to move behind the trophy, we used a 70-200mm lens on a 42″ Rhino Slider with the Rhino Arc. This combination allows an operator to program a specific move so that the subject (the trophy) always remains in the same position in the frame, but the background spins. This is called a parallax effect. To further compound the amount of movement in a shot of an object that is typically static, I brought a motorized weight-bearing turntable. The turntable spun the trophy in place while the camera slid along the track turning to create parallax.

I love the view of the San Jacinto Mountains from the tennis garden. The colors and the light change throughout the day. That view has such great depth. The supporting non-trophy broll in this piece was shot using the Inspire 2 drone paired with a 45mm lens. The X5s camera is a crop sensor, there’s a 4k crop too and then when you push into a 4k ultra high definition image for a 1920X1080p timeline, it means you’re essentially flying smooth shots with a 200mm lens. It’s one of the most effective and versatile ways to get telephoto aerials. Indian Wells is one of the best places to fly.

The western showdown music is also a track that I licensed and have held onto for years in the hopes of using it at Indian Wells eventually.

Best Summer Camp Video Ever

Camp Greystone had us back to campus in 2017 to make a new camp video. The mission was to pack every exciting activity offered into a short, watchable video to get campers excited to return year after year. It is also now used as a recruiting tool for prospective first time campers.

Using the new DJI Inspire 2 with an Olympus 45mm lens, I was able to capture telephoto drone shots of activities like ziplining, the big slide or the blob. It was a great use of the drone as it could keep pace with any fast moving subjects. We used it for what appear to be jib shots over water and more. It was fun to return to a camp we had so thoroughly covered back in 2014 and redo essentially the same video but with entirely different equipment. The lenses, the gimbal the cameras etc were all new and helped us frame things up and do things differently than before. In other words, we were not merely repeating our greatest hits.

For me, Greystone will always be a memorable job because we were on location and Ashley went into labor two weeks early. We tried driving back to our hospital in Charlotte, but made it as far as Spartanburg, SC. Our daughter will forever be a South Carolinian because we were at Greystone working on this video!

It really is a great camp. It was a great job to have in 2017 too. I love speed-ramping high-energy action. There are so many different times when kids are flying through the air too at this camp. We went back and forth to camp a half dozen times covering different events like the Fourth of July or Carnival. We definitely got a healthy dose of summer fun!