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Scott Hamilton Health News

Backflipping American treasure Scott Hamilton, the gold medal winning figure skater, had good news to share about his most recent brain tumor. Scott keeps a vigorous speaking schedule and appeared multiple times at Premier Inc events in 2016. At one conference last August, he announced publicly for the first time that he had received news of the tumor. Scott is famously a cancer survivor having recovered from testicular cancer in the 90s and two additional brain tumors in the 00s. He is also the author of many best selling books, including a new one coming out next February to coincide with the Winter Olympics.

It was encouraging to see Scott in good spirits and and to spend time with him at his Nashville home. For Premier we filmed this piece entirely in 4k ultra high definition. It played at an internal convention in August of 2017. The piece above was the first cut. The final deliverable ended up including footage of Scott’s family, home and doctors that cannot be shared publicly. The final cut wound up being about six minutes in duration and featured much more broll than seen above.

Here are some phone pics to show how the video was used. It was an interesting assignment to design a video that fit a super wide aspect ratio, showed different angles of Scott simultaneously and remained visually cohesive, fitting naturally in the space and on the high definition screens.