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Raquette Lake Camps

Raquette Lake Camps consists of two summer camps located in the center of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. Campers can canoe for a radius of 100 miles in all directions. The untouched natural wilderness is unparalleled. It is one of the most well regarded and exclusive summer camps in the world.

Raquette Lake tasked me with making exciting highlight videos to entice new campers and rev up returning campers for the coming season. I covered just about every activity on sunny days. Additionally they had me make tour videos. Previously they had had a photo based campus tour that was a cumbersome website widget. The tours are narrated by real campers of different ages. These pieces took roughly eighteen days to shoot. Quite a long time, but there is much going on and so many special once-per-summer events to see and do.

The below videos represent three weeks spent at Raquette in 2015 and a recent follow-up week to showcase new facilities added in 2017.

Boys Camp Highlight

Boys Camp Tour

Girls Camp Highlight

Girls Camp Tour