Trump National

I am revisiting this piece for the blog a little over three years later. Wow. So he’s now the most powerful person in the world…Didn’t see that coming at the time. This video was an exciting case of our client, Brooke Thomas of 360 Your Life, selling a product she created, and trying her best to land live a non-endorsement/endorsement from Donald Trump. Brooke performed well under pressure. T&T was enlisted as a crew to cover a media outlet session with her while he did local press. Trump was visiting Lake Norman because he had recently purchased The Point, an exclusive lakeside neighborhood and golf course. The Trump National branding was almost complete everywhere onsite.

It was a tough needle to thread. 360 Your Life is a healthy eating and lifestyle product. This is not something you naturally think of when you you picture The Donald. With a few leading questions, some friendly banter and workable broll of his golf game, the piece mostly came together.

Now we can all say that we met and interviewed the President of the United States, even if it was just part of a 360 Your Life promotion. 🙂

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