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Arrogantly Shabby

With pride the vacation community of Pawleys Island has long held the motto, “arrogantly shabby.” The historic architecture dates back to the days of Carolina rice plantations. The South Carolina National Heritage Corridor is an organization that seeks to promote the best cultural and natural offerings within the state.  They sent me on location to Pawleys Island in September not long after Hurricane Irma had spun out along the Carolina Coastline. The dunes were wiped out but otherwise, the island suffered very little damage.

It was a solid three days filming outdoor activities from surfing to kayaking in a wildlife wetland preserve. There were gators, egrets and a pretty sunrise with pelicans flying over the horizon.

My assignment was to create short 30second broll videos that summed up the area for different generations. These differing generational clips are now running as targeted video ads on Facebook. Gen-Xers were shown doing more active things like bicycling and fishing while Boomers were shown holding hands, relaxing and eating. An all purpose 1min video has the best of everything and is aimed at the widest audience. Pawleys is a place I would like to return. In the fall the breeze coming off the ocean onto the porches of the inns was very, very relaxing.

Gen-X Video:

Baby Boomer Video:

General Purpose Highlight:


Mountain Lakes CVB

Outdoor adventure is one of the most fun things to film. The state of South Carolina contacted us and asked if we would be interested in making a video to promote tourism in the west most county in the state. What a treat! Whitewater rafting, apple picking, ziplining, jazz in the street, bald eagles and more. There was a lot to capture on the shot list. I had two days of good weather to work with in mid-September. Rafting made good use of the drone and GoPros. Compressed shots were done with a 70-200mm. The MOVI made it out for some of the running shots. Running to the bus, the mountain bike, the rafts passing by on the river, shots from within the motorboat and so on.

Convention Daily Recaps

Next day edits are something convention goers can enjoy when watching together as a group the next day. In some cases the videos may play on loop on the hotel television channel. Maybe they are show before a large session the morning following a lively event. I get asked to make this type of video periodically. It can be a rush to work all day, ingest the footage and then stay up late editing so that the piece is ready in time for an 8am breakfast presentation.

Note the guest appearance by MC Hammer at the end of this video. Here is an example from a small convention put on by Schneider Publishing in Oakland, California:

Here’s one from the same group in Providence, Rhode Island: