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Erskine Web Series

Erskine College is a venerable institution in Upstate South Carolina. My alma mater approached me about producing a web series to aid enrollment and advancement. Below are a few of my favorite episodes. The series contract ran for two years leading up to the 175th anniversary of the college and was hosted by fellow alum, Corey Emanuel. I learned a lot producing these pieces. Each video varied greatly from the last. At times we were filming Corey perched on a rock above a raging river at the National Whitewater Center. I had to learn how to control audio in that situation. Other times I was clinging to the exterior sideboard of an ancient Ford Model A filming an interview as the subjects drove through campus. It was a joy to return to Erskine years later and create something that hopefully still continues to benefit the school and community.

Erskine Celebrates 175 Years

Freshmen Orientation

The Choraleers

Roundtable Leadership Discussion

Presidential Search Video

“We run a small in-house shop and rely solely on external partners for design and media content. Drew worked with our team to develop concepts and produce a web series telling our story with authenticity and beauty. Drew could hear and see my team’s vision. The resulting deliverables were a quantum leap in quality over previous materials we had produced for advancement and enrollment. Three years out, we still use the pieces as they were so capably produced.”

Cliff Smith
Vice President for Communications, Erskine College