Why use Tried & True?

We are all about strategic partnerships. We do our best to completely understand your brand before launching into production. The content will be of the highest quality and should authentically represent your unique corporate voice. We are focused, down to earth and will customize the videos for the intended audience.

What kinds of videos do you make?

Our corporate and sports work is often short, well-produced video intended for social media. Our objective is to find new and inventive ways to get viewers to linger longer on a video autoplaying in their smartphone feed. We can also produce short narrative films, traditional commercials, tutorials and interview based documentary pieces. We cover press conferences, multi-camera events, conventions, internal corporate messaging etc. If we neglected to mention the type of video you need, chances are that we have made something similar. Please ask to see a work sample similar to what you envision.

Do you control all aspects of your projects from start to finish?

Typically yes. Keeping everything in-house from pre-production to the final touches is what we prefer. We want our clients to have a unified experience and an entirely cohesive deliverable. With that said, T&T staff and equipment can be made available for hire. Our Inspire 2 is the best cinema drone available. Our Freefly MOVI camera stabilizer and operator are also popular with external productions.

Can we film more than one video and/or make multiple versions from the same content?

Absolutely. It’s all about pre production planning. But once we have filmed the long form video, shorter clips can absolutely be created. Shooting in bulk always helps the budget.

How long does it take?

It can vary. Depending on your needs, we can expedite production. Multiple times a year we find ourselves delivering world-class videos on same day turnarounds. It is completely possible to film and edit quickly, but the production costs are far greater due to the demand and necessary specialized labor.

How do we get our video?

We deliver the final cut via Dropbox, or on an encrypted hard drive depending on the sensitivity of the content.